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Vervangingsfonds (Vf) and Participatiefonds (Pf) are funds that were established in the ’90s in the education sector. The goal of the funds is to reimburse and control the replacement- and unemployment costs in primary education. This way, school boards are able to use the budget for what it is meant for: education. The service of both funds is in line with each other. This was the main reason the funds renewed their joint corporate identity and decided to merge the two separate websites.

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Vf and Pf have the answer to questions from within the sector regarding leave of absence and unemployment. These are major themes on which lots of relevant information is available. Our goal is to present all this information clearly to the visitor of the website. That is why we decided to split the information into three themes on the homepage: HR and health- and safety matters, Management and policy and Employee and career. Per theme, we offer frequently asked questions and answers. Moreover, we use design- and UX-elements to present complex information clearly and understandable. For example via specific menus and animations.


The platform meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This way, the platform is accessible for disabled people. For example for people suffering (colour)blindness or people who are partially sighted, deaf or hearing impaired. Cognitive and/or motoric limitations can also trouble people while visiting a website or web application.


The organisation of (online) events is an important part of the services of VfPf. We use Eventbrite for the planning and registration of events in a user-friendly way.

Burst managed to establish a new and user-friendly website within a short time. The website fully complies with our goals and perfectly represents the feeling of VfPf. The result is a pleasant and functional platform that leads users quickly and easily to relevant information. ”
Janneke van Oijen, Communications Advisor VfPf

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