Takeda ADHD

Strategy, concept and branding for new ADHD platform Takeda

Burst and Takeda have been working together for years. As digital partner, we think along in the digital strategy and implement it. This is reflected in, among other things, online platforms with information for doctors, patients and their loved ones about certain illnesses. The reason for this specific project was Takeda’s desire to develop a website as a “go to” ADHD service platform. A platform that provides doctors and patients with information and support regarding ADHD. Recent research by Takeda showed that there is a great need among the target groups for a single platform for quality content and support around ADHD.

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Burst has helped us excellently by concretizing our MCE-strategy into an umbrella brand identity, with a visual identity and a design for the website. Everything fits seamlessly with the needs of the target group and the clinical picture.”


We have started translating the digital tactics of the Multi Channel Engagement Strategy into the right form and function for the website. The moment Takeda knocked on our door with their wish, that was all there was; no name, logo or visual identity yet. Our creative team has developed these elements in a visual styleguide. Subsequently, the elements were translated into a design for an informative website with a scientific look & feel. The website has an encyclopedic look & feel and navigation; this facilitates the visitor in finding the desired information about ADHD.


Digital Strategy, Branding, Visual Identity Design, Interface & Interaction Design

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