Making Rijksmuseum objects available all over the world.

The Rijksmuseum wants to enable everyone to take a piece of the museum home. Together with Fabrique, we designed a Magento-based online web store that encourages visitors to purchase beautiful items for in their own homes. Visitors can find their next purchase by filtering the products according to their favourite artist, style or exhibition.

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  • Teamwork

    The website was brought to life through a collaboration of Fabrique, Burst and naturally Rijksmuseum themselves. Fabrique took the lead in the design, whereas Burst was responsible for the technology. Because of the close cooperation, the cross-functional team would even work on location in Amsterdam.

  • Speed

    The team created a distinctive design, especially for a Magento platform. By using the Magento functionalities in the smartest way possible, the possibilities of this platform are used to their fullest extent.

What we do

Commerce Platforms, Continuous Optimisation, Measurement & Reporting, Quality Assurance