Natuurmonumenten brings nature closer with location-based content.

Member associations such as Natuurmonumenten are having a hard time these days to attract, engage and mobilize members.

In collaboration with Natuurmonumenten, Burst developed an online platform for Natuurmonumenten that showcases Dutch nature. Through appealing location-based content, the website brings nature close to the end-user.

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Working with Burst feels like a real partnership: they do not only focus on technology, but help us see the bigger picture.

Ruud Breuker, Product Owner at Natuurmonumenten
  • Location Based Content

    The new website combines data-driven design with complex technology. The content is geotagged, which helps display relevant content for each user, showing them nearby nature reserves, activities and trails.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Relevancy is key for recruiting, engaging and mobilizing website users. We have deployed artificial intelligence to provide users with relevant content recommendations.

Interactive map (location-based)

The interactive map on the website shows the nearby nature reserves, visitor centers, routes, activities and sights, based on the user’s location. This new website brings nature closer, both literally and figuratively.

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