Mambu: disrupting SaaS product meets disruptive website

Mambu is a fast-growing fintech company that provides core banking services under a SaaS model. Traditional core banking systems are large and expensive systems, and often do not match the constantly increasing and changing expectations from consumers. Mambu changes this. With Mambu, you get a faster, simpler, modern and cost-effective alternative to legacy core banking.

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We worked with a blended team of partners to realise a website for Mambu that truly lives our core values; freedom, agility and speed. The strong foundation regarding UX and UI that Burst made for us really adds value to the experience of the visitor and fits our brand like a glove.”


A modern product asks for a modern website. Not only in terms of UX, visual and motion design, but also techwise. When we started working together with Mambu and Velocity, we started our exploration with a core model workshop. During this workshop we determined – together with various stakeholders within Mambu – what the core pages of the website are. One of the key advantages of doing this kind of workshop is that it forces to think from the user’s perspective what their objectives are when visiting a certain page, and what the objectives of the site owner are. Where these converge is what you focus the content of that page on. Instead of traditionally starting from a homepage and then working down a hierarchical pagetree, this considers every page a landing page and uses the homepage paradigm to connect everything together. We created a vision on what visitors see and do on these key pages to reach their goals, as well as Mambu’s goals. The core model workshop provided us with a number of important insights that we could use in the digital identity for the brand, as well as for the site structure. The outcome of the workshop was valuable input for the visual, UX and motion design.


Techwise, the platform has some serious top-notch highlights worth mentioning. The platform relies on Sanity for the delivery of structured content, and the JAMstack based frontend makes use of React, Netlify and Gatsby. The platform has a brutal performance thanks to the Static Site Generation (SSG) that Gatsby provides. Each and every time a change is made in the CMS, the pages are statically rendered. This way, all the time-consuming work is already done before the visitor actually visits the website. The results are amazing. When navigating through the website the different pages load instantly which ensures a great customer experience.


Customer journey, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front-end development

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