Building a tomato brand from a digital starting point with Looye Kwekers.

Transparency, origin and sustainability are extremely important to today’s consumer and will continue to be in the future. Looye Kwekers is well aware of this. To that end, Looye collaborated with Burst to design and develop a website to increase Looye’s visibility and offer the consumer a literal behind-the-scenes view of the product process.

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    Looye wants as many people as possible to enjoy flavourful tomatoes. The key principles are stylish, tasteful and meaningful. These principles guide the entire production process, such as the tomato packaging that is stylish and exclusive. It was up to Burst to successfully convey these principles to the new website.


    Looye has an amazing story to tell. We wanted to tell the consumer this story via the website, but in an innovative way. Following a workshop we were able identify the content choices and map them out in a road map. Next up, Burst fully supervised the content production (photography, video copywriting) in collaboration with Looye. The result: exclusive photography and 360˚ video.


Looye has raised the bar high. Which is why we wanted to tell the consumer Looye’s story in a special and innovative way. So, we filmed a 360˚ video, allowing the website’s visitors to follow the tomatoes from the greenhouse, to the packing hall and to the distribution center.


Digital Growth Strategy, Data & Intelligence, Research, Experience Design, Interface & Interaction Design, Content Creation, CMS Platforms, Continuous Optimisation, Measurement & Reporting, Quality Assurance

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