Largo gives vacationers a five-star experience

Largo is the premium label of the Dutch Roompot Group specialized in luxury holiday resorts with an emphasis on tranquility and space. With a number of stylish, high-end resorts on the Dutch coast and an exclusive range of dream villas at top locations in the world, the goal of Largo is to provide people with a full service experience, based on personal wishes and preferences.

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To make the most of the booking experience for the guests of Largo, Burst helps creating the digital touch points, including the website. The platform for this is built from the ground up after we started with a brand repositioning. For the international booking platform we have chosen Drupal, an open-source CMS. Drupal offers options for personalization with which the website can be adapted to the (potential) guest.nIn order to constantly improve the guest experience and thereby increase the conversion and the number of bookings, we continue to work together as partners and continuously improve the site based on data and insights.

The new website is very innovative within the travel industry with an extreme focus on personal experience.”


Digitale Strategy, Brand identity design, Consultancy, Data & Intelligence, Experience Design, Interface & Interaction Design, CMS-platform, Content management, Continuous Optimisation, Quality Assurance

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