The continuous optimisation of a top-performing ticket platform for IFFR.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is a 12-day event that is held each year. During these 12 days, filmmakers and artists from all over the world visit Rotterdam to show their work to the general public. In collaboration with IN10, Zicht and 3PO we set up a Drupal platform to support the festival.

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  • The platform

    The platform informs festival visitors about the film screenings and facilitates the sale of tickets.

  • Conversion

    The platform is considered a great success, because the conversion rate was 41% higher in comparison to the old platform. Our partnership with IFFR and IN10 is characterised by continuous optimisation.

What we do

CMS Platforms, Commerce Platforms, Continuous Optimisation, Measurement & Reporting, Quality Assurance

IN10, Zicht, 3PO