Hero Group

The digital synergy of the Hero Group brands.

Since the start of the collaboration in 2013, Burst has been the digital partner of the Hero Group. The Swiss-based company was founded in 1866 by two friends with a passion to conserve the very best of nature in the very best way possible.

The Hero Group is now active worldwide and has products within different product categories: Natural Spreads, Healthy Snacks, Baby & Toddler Food, Baby & Toddler milk and Gluten-Free. Various brands exist within these categories, including Hero, Semper and Corny.

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The global platform developed in 2015 was a great success. This created the need for expansion and renewal. Our advice was to create a new flexible and headless global platform for all Hero Group brands. Ten countries are now live with a website on this platform, with the Hero brand being launched first.

It is a headless platform, built from a Drupal 8 core with a middle layer containing all functionalities. This makes it possible to run websites of several brands of the Hero Group on the same platform with a customized tailor-made frontend. This means flexibility at the front for all brands and significant cost savings on both the costs per website and the global platform management.


A thorough analysis of the user data of all Hero platforms showed that it is important for visitors to be able to find the ingredients and nutritional values ​​of products quickly and easily. The focus for the MVP is therefore on displaying the products within the Hero Group, including ingredients and nutritional values. By means of regular data analysis of current users of the platform, we ensure that we continuously optimise based on the user needs.


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