Chupa Chups

The creation of a Chupa Chups website that appeals to both teens and moms.

Chupa Chups underwent repositioning in 2017. As a result, their online platform needed a big update.

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  • Forever Fun

    Chupa Chups stands for ‘Forever Fun’. Not just for the young ones – the main target audience – but also for the mothers predominantly buying the product. This duality in the target audience created an amazing challenge for the design and UX of the website. Chupa Chups wants to make the user part of the ‘Forever Fun’ brand experience through storytelling.

  • E-commerce

    Maximizing the purchases made on the website, was an important principle in the design and implementation. This is fully enabled by the integrated e-commerce functionality.

Central development

The Chupa Chups website is centralized. This means the websites are designed and developed within a single platform, and subsequently deployed in over 100 countries. This provides Chupa Chups with the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in consumer behavior.

What we do

Experience Design, Interface & Interaction Design, Prototyping, CMS Platform, Commerce Platform, Campaigns, Continuous Optimisation, Measurement & Reporting, Quality Assurance

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