Baderie focuses on generating quality leads

Baderie, a leading Dutch chain with 46 bathroom showrooms, stands for design perfection and flawless delivery, right down to the smallest details. After a strategic repositioning of the brand, Baderie asked Burst to develop a new digital strategy.

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The quality of the leads is much higher due to the new website, because expectations are well aligned throughout the customer journey.

  • Focus on inspiration

    After extensive user research, data analysis and the mapping of the entire digital customer journey, we determined that the digital strategy should mainly focus on providing inspiration. In addition, the unique Baderie customer journey needs to be presented clearly, guiding visitors through each step of the process, from design to installation.

  • An inspirational platform

    In order to fully align with the new digital strategy, the website illustrates different cases to clarify how Baderie’s designers cleverly deal with various design challenges, which materials have been combined and how smart ideas have been devised to bring the dream bathroom to fruition.

Future-proof technology than enables growth

The Baderie site has been launched on a solid, future-proof Drupal platform. This makes it possible to extend the current Minimal Viable Product (MVP) into a platform with personalisation via Artificial Intelligence (AI). Automated personalisation enables the website to create the most relevant experience for the visitor, based on their data and behaviour.

The result

The site has various soft and hard conversion points, from subscribing to the newsletter to making an appointment in one of the showrooms.

The new digital strategy has been a success: the various online channels and the website have created more and higher quality leads. The improved customer journey has also led to more effective and satisfying offline sales conversations for the bathroom consultants in the Baderie showrooms.

What we do

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