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Senior UX Designer.

Note: This position is for full-time, EU-based applicants only. Remote workers and freelancers are not eligible.

With your expertise in user experience, companies are waiting in line for you. Good for you! You are spoilt for choice. Thus we have something in common. Leading companies are queuing up for innovative online platforms. So let's join forces? We want to work with the best UX designers. We deliver work that is so good that clients recommend us. Do you recognize yourself in this?

Clients think the world of you ...

Where would we and our clients (and thus the end user) be without you? Renowned museums, large retailers, and leading FMCG brands put the development of their user experience in your hands with great confidence. In fact, they think highly of you because you are an expert in your field. User stories, user flows, content mapping and site mapping have no secrets for you. You effortlessly translate strategy into a coherent and convincing UX design.

... just like your colleagues

You are not only loved by our clients, but also by your colleagues. Simply because you seek cooperation with fellow developers and designers instinctively. You have the ability to explain exactly how they can apply the latest insights in service design, customer journeys, and UX design. In doing so, you never lose sight of client interests.

Never a dull moment

One thing we promise you: if you join our team, your working days will never be boring. Your focus is always on the end user as you create experience maps and user journeys. You monitor and enhance these during the entire creation process. With the same enthusiasm, you organize workshops in which you advise clients on the functional possibilities of UX design. Your ability to make concepts understandable quickly with sketches and prototypes supports this. If given the chance, you test your concepts and designs with usability tests.

Are you Burst material?

We work with people who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. People who deliver work that we can be proud of. And most important; someone who is a good team player and loves some fun in the meantime. Furthermore, you are really Burst material if you recognize yourself in the following:

  • You are phenomenal in converting a conceptual vision into a coherent and convincing UX design
  • You are a strategic partner during the entire creation process
  • You maintain the balance between business interests,
    innovation, and good design
  • You are at your happiest when you lead workshops and enthuse clients & colleagues
  • You are familiar with rapid prototyping
  • Creating experience maps & user journeys is second nature to you
  • In addition to English and Dutch, you speak the language of developers and designers
  • You know everything there is to know about service design and
    user-centered design processes
  • You understand the impact of technology on design and you are eager to learn even more
  • You acquired your UX knowledge over the course of the last 5 years at an established digital agency

What you can expect from us (besides salary)

Expect an ambitious agency where anything is possible, as long as you speak up. Do you have a good idea: share it and go for it, with the help of colleagues who are excited to work with you. Burst is constantly changing, but you like that. Also, expect an agency where you learn a lot. For good reasons, we are among the top Dutch digital agencies according to Emerce. You will get the chance to develop yourself in the direction you want, all the while working from a nice workplace in the heart of Rotterdam. You will get a budget from us to go to conferences, meetups or events. Our company drinks and activities are legendary, with as absolute highlight our annual city trip. We provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and a fully stocked fridge to keep you up and running. Obviously you will receive a fair salary, travel allowance and holidays.

Create exceptional UX design together?

Would you like to offer our clients an exceptional digital experience? Then we are very curious about your vision on this! Come and share your thoughts with us. We provide coffee / tea / beer. Please leave your details with a short motivation and your resume and portfolio or call José Herstel on +31(0)10-82 001 40 if you want to know more about the role.

(Recruiters are not UX Designers)

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