Hello we’re burst

Burst is a global independent digital agency, founded in 2008. As a company with Dutch roots, we have an open-minded view of the world. We value cultural differences and we are able to adapt quickly to new challenges.

Over the last decade, digital has transformed from ‘nice to have’ to a critical success factor for every company. Whether it’s to reach out to prospects and clients or to sell their products directly, digital has transformed the way we do business.

Day in and day out, with an agile mindset, Burst works together with her client to combine data, creativity and technology to achieve digital growth.


Impact can only be made together.

Burst is a group of strong individuals, each with their personal ambitions, qualities and skills. As craftsmen, we are autonomous thinkers and confident about our skills. But to achieve great results, we also rely on others. We add other people’s qualities to ours and become bigger than ourselves.


Craftsmen are a special breed. They combine several qualities which make them skilled individuals. Determination, passion, skills and a lot of experience. These people make the exceptional happen. They can often be a little rebellious. Rebellious with a cause. As craftsmen we create the best, most beautiful and most ingenious solutions for our clients.


We love working together with clients, partners and each other. As a team, with a common goal.


Above all, we are individuals. With our own talents, ambitions and visions. We challenge the status quo. This is how we add value.


Relevant digital strategies demand thorough thinking.

  • Digital Growth Strategy
  • Business Consulting
  • Data & Intelligence
  • Research